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Research and development (R&D)

More than 10 years of experience in various Custom Drives & Motion control application

Ark Motion provides competitive advantage to the OEM by tailoring designs to precisely fit the application. Our development engineers and application team will work closely with you to define your requirements and deliver a just-right solution.
Our strength lies in our customization capabilities. Our research engineers are ready to take up challenging projects and strive hard to meet your requirements and create a product that will meet the desired application and benefits the customers.

Backed by an innovative engineering team that continually pushes the limits of technology, Ark has been able to exceed the expectations of demanding clients across various industry verticals. Available off the shelf is a wide range of standard products that can meet most industry requirements. Should the need arise for a product that is not part of the standard production line, Ark‘s R&D team can quickly develop solutions that meet specific dimensional, performance and cost parameters. By cross-utilizing solutions developed for various industry sectors, Ark is able to significantly reduce development time and cost for custom solutions.

We offer a wide range of innovative motion solutions from across the world locally

DC and BLDC & AC synchronous motors
Complete Wheel Drives for AGV/AMR
Frameless and Outer Runner BLDC motors
High Voltage and Low Voltage PMSM Servo motors
Disc magnet, PM and & Hybrid stepper motors
Hybrid and PM linear actuators
Spur, Planetary and customized gearboxes
Intelligent Servo, BLDC, and Stepper Motor drives
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